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Almost 900 organizations using LTE, 5G private networks: GSA

Sep. 30, 2022

LTE is used in 672 of the catalogued private mobile networks, according to GSA

At least 889 organizations have deployed LTE or 5G private mobile networks in one of more locations, according a recent report by the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA).

According to GSA report, LTE technology continues to account for the majority of deployments, with 57% being LTE only. Including those deployments where LTE and 5G are combined, LTE is used in 672 of the catalogued customers deploying private mobile networks, according to GSA.

GSA noted that the demand for private mobile networks based on 4G LTE and increasingly 5G technologies is being driven by the spiraling data, security, digitization and enterprise mobility requirements of modern business and government entities. The entity said that organizations of all types are combining connected systems with big data and analytics to transform operations, increase automation and efficiency or deliver new services.

“Private mobile networks are a microcosm of the wider 4G and 5G ecosystem. There is a strong positive correlation between liberalized spectrum and the adoption of private mobile networks. Our dataset includes over 50 equipment vendors, 66 operators and 70 countries and territories, all working together to realize the potential of this market across multiple sectors,” said Joe Barrett, president of the GSA.

Meanwhile, 5G is being deployed in 354, or 39.8%, of customers, including 5G Standalone which is being used in 37 deployments.

“Globally, out of the 70 countries and territories identified as having organizations deploying private networks based on LTE or 5G, the U.S. leads the way, followed by Germany, China, the U.K. and Japan. In addition, there are private mobile network installations in various offshore locations serving the oil and gas industries, as well as on ships,” GSA said.

“Among the 889 organizations known to be deploying LTE or 5G private mobile networks, the manufacturing sector revealed itself to be a strong adopter of the technology with 165 identified companies, up from 111 at the end of 2021. The manufacturing sector is closely followed by the education, mining and power utilities sectors,” GSA added.

GSA defines a private mobile network as a 3GPP-based 4G/LT-5G mobile network intended for the sole use of private entities such as enterprises, industries or governments, that is not offered to the general public and uses spectrum defined in 3GPP. It also includes 3GPP-based MulteFire and Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS).

The analysis excludes networks based on other standards, including Wi-Fi networks, Tetra, P25, WiMAX, Sigfox and LORA, network slices from the public network or virtual network function (VNF) on a router, or where operators are deploying extra sites in proximity of enterprise locations as an extension of their existing public network in order to provide better coverage.